Canadian Book of Beer

The Canadian Book of Beer

I’ve been published!

My first book, The Canadian Book of Beer, was written over the late winter and spring of 2009 and was released the summer of 2009.

I’m no beer expert, nor am I the most connected person in the Canadian beer game, but I do have a passion for suds, and I wrote The Canadian Book of Beer for brew fans like me: people who want to quench their thirst for delicious brew and learn a little more about it in the process — a general interest book for the general interest beer fan. Those of you who hunt down the newest cask ales and regularly go on beer-tasting expeditions will probably know most of what lies between the covers, but I like to think there is something for everyone in my book.

The Canadian Book of Beer is a celebration of Canada’s rich and storied beer history that has culminated in the diverse and unique craft-beer scene thriving throughout our nation today! In this way, I like to think that my book is a gateway read for those brew fans that have yet to discover just how great local, craft prepared suds are.

It is my hope that not only will my book provide insight into who and what has made Canada’s beer industry what it is today, but that it will also explain what beer is, where it comes from and what styles you might find down at your local pub. The Canadian Book of Beer also teaches how to pair beer and food, how to cook with beer and, most importantly, how to go from having no beer at all to getting it, opening it, pouring it, tasting it, storing it and returning those empties.

If you’d like to get a copy, check out your local book store, otherwise you can at Lone Pine Publishing, or just go online to Chapters. Or hey, if you live in Toronto, email me, we can go for a pint, and I’ll bring a copy or two along!

Steve Cameron

Lone Pine


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