I’m Steve Cameron and Beer League is my blog. Welcome.

My original intent was to start a blog and write exclusively about beer, as I had just finished writing a book about beer at the time (The Canadian Book of Beer; check out the tab above). But I felt this was limiting, so, on Beer League you’ll not only find posts about suds, but about food, sports and all sorts… of things. Tried a rhyme there.

As for me, I’m a beer-brewing, sports-loving guy who plays hockey multiple times a week, greatly enjoys cooking and who also possesses a degree in fine arts (photography). I followed my first degree with a second, book and magazine publishing, and today I’m the sports editor at Firefly Books Ltd., a non-fiction publishing company in Toronto. Along the way I’ve spent time at Canada’s men’s magazine, Toro, as well as The Hockey News.

Remember, if you aren’t playing in the pros, you’re in the Beer League.


Steve Cameron


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  1. magda

    love the site Steve! already in the fav’s!!!!

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